Classique Madamoiselle

Numerous women in historical New Orleans were regal which was displayed in the vintage portrait of this modern young woman.

Keep Truckin’

This truck was used as a prop in one of my photoshoots.

Autumn in the Bayou

The stillness and calmness of the water and scenery at Bayou St. John ignites tranquility in the noise of life.

Fill ‘Er Up

This gas station in Hico, TX has the character of the old full service gas stations in the South.

Down on Esplanade

The historical street in New Orleans is filled with awesome architecture and lively entertainment.

Love Dr. Pepper

Although I was never a soda fan, this architectural wall displays a unique zeal with a written powerful message.

Jazz on Sunday Morning

New Orleans Musicans’ Village is a community of great jazz musicians who gave me an deeper affinity for music.

A Classy Classic

The music flowing from this classic church piano was extremely appealing to my ears.

Lovin’ Music

New Orleans Musicans’ Village member Alvin Carnival Time Johnson allowed me to create a strong musical scene using his trumpet and sheet music

Chillin’ in the Quarter

On a peaceful day in the New Orleans French Quarter, this patron was relaxing listening to the street musicians play jazz. His demeanor appealed to me because he was in a deep JAZZ thought.